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Rainstorm is approaching... (Peninsula Osa, Costa Rica)

Dec 26, 2015
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Hi there!

Publishing few photos from Peninsula Osa, Costa Rica.
It seemed that rain storm will ruin the evening, but within an hour, witnessed beautiful sunset :)

It's better to check full-size photos, as I noticed that some sort of forum compression and resizing ruins the photos.

Made with X5 standard lens. Will appreciate any comments.

DJI_0003.jpg DJI_0010.jpg DJI_0005.jpg
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I haven't tried X3 personally, but my main idea why X5 - cause it can shoot photos in RAW. Otherwise it's literaly impossible to make postprod.
The X3 can shoot raw as well. But it's a much smaller sensor and of course no options for different lenses.

What are the commercial rules like in Costa Rica?
Didn't know that x3 could do raw.

Could you please clarify "commercial rules" did you mean local CR regulations/legislation related to drones?
I've seen news article a while ago (actually its "age" is more than 6 months), but so far haven't seen official bill from DGAC.

I'll try to check with local authorities, then publish the results here.
Photoshop + LightRoom. RAW photos is something, which shouldn't be shown to public LOL.

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