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Raleigh, NC area. NIB Drone Crate Inspire 1 hard case

Did a detailed quote with the wt 30 lbs and dimensions (28x23x16) and $350 ins and quote was $57.00 to WI
DO you still have your case? I am needing one and can meet to get it my cell is 804 387 3873

image.jpeg image.jpeg This is NIB and reduced to $250 to meet me to buy.. Removed some inserts so you can see storage areas.
I'm not exactly sure what this is showing? The case at your link is fully cutout - this one isn't?
It is.. The cutouts are multi- layered and can be deep. I just pulled out the top layer of some to show the outlines. It is fully cut for the Inspire. But they have very thin layers so you can adjust it how you want for depth.
Is there some other way you would like it photographed ?
Can you photograph it full of stuff? The orientation of the cutouts are different there than the website.
image.jpeg I found the cutout design in their suitcase style case at Drone world. Same cutout but it is in the drone crate case like in the link.. Here is a pic of the same cutout in the online ad pic with an inspire in it.
Do you still have the case? I know nothing about them my husband has a inspire 1. If this will work I live in Petersburg va and can meet this weekend. My budget is 200 since I have to drive. Please let me know. Krysta.

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