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release mechanism

Apr 9, 2015
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Looking for a way to drop fishing line with bait or Mardi Gras beads from the Inspire 1
This would not be illegal if you do not drop it. You can deploy a teather as long as it stays connected.

As for how, I think there is a solution. Use a quick release that lets go when you raise the landing gear. Shouldn't be too hard. Attach to the center of gravity then spool and attach to a leg with a mechanism that when stretched will easily release.
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Going on an angling competition in a few weeks from now. I won last year and thinking about how I can defend the title this year.
Thinking if I instead of using my 5m fishing rod, send out the drone with a fishing line a little further out. :)
There's a guy who did that, he used a standard separate RC radio and receiver/servo taped under the I1 as release.
He also put his I1 in the water at the 3rd try, lol.
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Just a note, anything released from a RC aircraft in the USA is ILLEGAL.

That's too funny...I guess drone strikes on US Citizens is completely ok as long as the government is doing it though? I didn't see anything in the FCC guidelines that stated dropping items from RC aircraft was illegal... They use RC Blimps in the superdome to drop candy...also the RC Bomb dropping mechanisms on planes at airshows have been in use forever. Is this something new?

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