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Apr 24, 2015
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hi all,

Very new member of the crew here, and want to judge the reliability of the inspires...

Reason for me saying that, I have a phantom 1 and that had a true fly away experience.... Turned out (I think) that someone on the nearby road had a jammer.

Then at Xmas I had a catastrophic battery failure on the phantom 2, initially dji said pilot error, but I had the go pro recording at the time. And the lights just went out at 80% capacity of the battery and the bird fell from the sky at 70 meters onto a road.... As I said they initially blame me saying the GPS was disconnected, and I replied that if its only the GPS disconnected after falling that distance onto a road then that's pretty good .... Oh btw did you watch the video.... They immediately said hardware failure... And after 3 months fighting I just got back a new phantom 2 and all the bits...

From flying nitro copters and T-Rex lipol copters these are rather advanced but being so they have a tendency of overthinking and failing... What are the inspires like?
Hey Farnet ..
Welcome to the forum!!
Imo the inspire1 is a solid aerial platform that currently has very fee issues ..
Even airwolf13 seems to be happy..lol..
The skys are presently calm and only going to get better..
I had issues at first and had to send it to dji LA for a pit stop and had a faulty flight controller ,but it's all good now and I'm very pleased!!
I think there's several thousand inspires out there now so you would hear it loud and clear if there were major issues..
Hope you took care of the guy with the jammer!!! Hope my jerk neighbor doesn't learn about them..lol
I wonder if they have a jammer detector?? Guess I'll look into that..
Happy flying!!

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