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Remote Control Disconnected

Jan 20, 2015
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I just downloaded and updated version 1.0 for the Pilot App for my iPad Air.

Everything seemed to work fine when I first fired the Remote/App and Inspire, but the second time I turned everything on, I now get a Disconnected message at the top of my screen.

I select the RC Settings and the Set RC Status is turned OFF.

When I select Master, there is a prompt for my RC name and Connection Password.

I have named my RC Figbar on my setup for the Inspire, and I typed in 1234 for the password.

This doesn't seem to help. Still disconnected. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm on hold with DJI now on the phone.

More info on my situation. My App says I am disconnected. But I am able to start the Inspire motors and can tilt the camera. I have no image from the camera on my App when I am in the camera mode.

I have re-installed the IOS 1.0 software...I have taken the camera off and re-installed this on the inspire. When I turn on the inspire the gimbal/camera goes through its normal initialization. There is a green light on my RC. I am using an iPad Air which worked perfectly with the earlier version of the Pilot App I downloaded through this forum.

DJI 24 hour chat line was no help.

I also called them...they sent me an e-mail telling me to reinstall software...which I did and e-mailed them back.

I am not sure about the RC mode on the APP...with one controller, should the RC status switch be in the OFF position or the Master position. If it needs to be in the Master position, I need to put in a name and password...not sure about this.

Thanks...I just discovered that the lightning connector cord was bad...check the basics first....lesson learned.

I'll make sure the remote is turned on first...then the Inspire...then fire up the app.

When I'm done flying, I turn off the Inspire first, then the remote....at least that's what I think I should be doing.

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