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Ronin-M + Inspire Video

Jul 6, 2014
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I made this video at our local middle school with a Ronin-M (inside) and an Inspire 1 (outside).

The drone work is some of my worst flying ever. Part of the problem: the kids drew the chalk outline of the boat extremely close to the trees, and there was no time to move them.

And the transition sucks, because of the Inspire's inability to start its motors while it is moving. I had planned to carry the Inspire in the final hallway, then fire it up when we got outside. Instead, I ended up hovering until the camera on the Ronin-M arrived.

So while I consider this a failure from a drone perspective, the kids were a blast, and the final product is fun anyway.

You did well my friend. Nice to be exposed to that excitement with young people all around. Ronin's pretty sweet and your transition wasn't bad at all. Nice job.
The transition was made worse by my camera settings. I used the Sony A7s, which is just incredible in difficult lighting conditions like we had inside. It also has an amazing auto-ISO feature that I used, which allowed me to set the camera to f/8.0 at 1/50th of a second. It handled every lighting change in the school just fine, but once we got outside, it was overexposed by at least three stops. I tried to show the gimbal operator how to change the shutter speed, but we didn't have enough time to work on that.

Next year!
You did the transition that I wanted to do; from hand-held to taking off! How did you get the Inspire to do that? Were the motors running the whole time inside?

Nice work!
Here is our version of this.. One shot only using I1.
the vid is not available :( i will have a gig where i will have to do the transition. would be nice go see how that looks like... did not have the chance to do it yet...
video is working fine for me? only thing I wish we would have done different is had some type of lighting rigged up for the interior shots.

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