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Rules and disclaimers for classifieds...

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Aug 9, 2014
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Any person/group selling for commercial purposes must obtain "Approved Vendor" status from Administrator @clackey. This includes anyone linking to outside sites.

A member with at least 10 posts and 30 days of active status in the forum may post a classified ad.

A member may only sell their own used materials. You are welcome to sell anything related to the inspire here up until we are asked by a governing body to remove it or if we find it should be taken down for any reason at our discretion. That being said, this site is meant to be used internationally. With several countries around the world not sharing the same laws, we leave it to the OPs to know their specific laws pertaining to their situations. The site and it's owners assume no responsibility, offer no guarantees and have no affiliation with ALL unapproved vendors. These are the risks of working with an unapproved vendor.

Please do not flood sellers with your negative opinions of their products without having purchased or tested the product personally. Reviews are for those with experience. We can all form our own opinions.

Please do not attack sellers with unwarranted claims. Reviews are allowed but you need to have dealt with the seller personally.

As this is an international forum please include your location (country and rough area is fine) together with the price and currency you are selling in.

Please do not argue sale price if you are not making an offer.

Please do not "Bump" threads just for the sake of moving them to the top of the list. Bumped posts will be removed - (Why not try lowering the price?)

As a courtesy to others, please post 'Sold' (or 'Found' if you are wanting to buy) in the thread - this means a member of the admin team can close the thread down.

More to come...
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