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Serial Number Location

Feb 23, 2015
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Tyler, Texas
Where is the serial number for the Inspire1? The number I thought was the serial number is not accepted by DJI. Serial number I found is: W13DC....71. 13 digits. Help!!!!!!!! Can't fly my bird until it is registered.
As far as I remember mine 'self registered' through the app as soon as I fired up the Inspire for the first time. I know for sure I never had to hunt around for any serial number it just asked me what I wanted to call my aircraft! It picked up my serial number electronically by itself.
But FYI..... Your serial number is printed on the label on the outside of the case your Inspire came in and also at the bottom of the battery compartment (remove battery first)
Never needed nor read about the serial number being needed for anything either.
Just so anyone interested will know, I finally got the DJI registration webpage to accept my Inspire serial number. I tried one more time, using the same S/N that I had been using all along and it accepted it. Don't know what happened, but at least it's done! Now if I can get the app to activate my bird so I can fly it ... of course the weather has turned sour and couldn't fly it anyhow. No I won't try it indoors for the first flight!

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