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Serious problems

Dec 6, 2020
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So I am very novice when it comes to these delightful machines. I am having a ton of issues and dont even know where to begin. Ill be as brief as possible but here goes. I bought my Inspire 1 second hand but was completely brand new all packaged and everything. I took the drone home unpackaged the directions and read and reread what I needed to do to start flying . i get it up into the air on beginner mode and all is well. First thing i forgot was to change flight mode after launch, which led to first issue the wouldnt come out of launch mode. No big deal. I fly about 5 more times in beginner mode. Second ûmistake, i finish my 6 or so flight and while im charging both the controller and the drone at the same time I turn on my Oculus VR and start boxing Rocky, lol, well during this bout of fury. I end up spilling a large cup of juice all over my drone battery and my controller. I unplug everything i dont start anything up. I get a blow dyer and start to blow out the juice from the controller drone battery. I dont know what happen from this point on. The drone battery charges but when i install battery it turns on but there is no sound( like there was )it shows green but its not linking to controller, several times and nothing is working. Please any and all info or direction will be helpful. I live in the South Bay of California if anyone knows of a shop i can take it to that would welcome as well. Thanks again.

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