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She's Got Some Nice Firmware!

Oct 17, 2014
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Sonoma County, Ca.
Just wanted to give a shout out to DJI on the new update! Job well done in my book.

Prior to the update mine was losing gps everytime I took it up for the first 3min. Now it doesn't hesitate she's rock solid from liftoff, no TBE at all either.

I tried out the adaptive gear, it's pretty cool. It kinda surprised me when I lifted off and the gear raised automatically.I like how you can disengage it so that you can really skim the surface without the legs lowering.

A few things I noticed:
1) When adaptive is engaged the legs don't rise up again after they've already lowered from descent(no big deal though)
2) I've flown 4 times since the update and all 4 times I've gotten 141/2 to 15min of flight time. It's never flown that long b4(just sayin)!. This was in high winds too and I was really ringing her out! So the conditions were not ideal at all.
3) Performing the update went flawlessly!
Sorry for the long post, just excited! Have fun and keep it in the air!!
Good to hear your experience mirrored my own - after a flawless update process (including multiple flight batteries) had three great flights, in somewhat windy conditions, and - oh joy - no falling into ATTI and flying away, and no problems with the gimbals or horizon. I also think I got more flight time than before, and yes the auto gear up is a nice feature. Finally, I think we have the real deal. The platform is really stable, and now we can focus on the pictures.
Its the best solid firmware update they have put out!
I agree!

Amazing difference.... I swear she is quieter as well... :D
Yes big difference! She is definitely quieter on start up, seems like they lowered the rotor RPMs. Maybe that's why I'm getting longer flights, motors running more efficiently? I don't know could be in my head.Lol
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Except that if I put it in I wont be able to fly in San Diego where I live. : (

I thought I read somewhere that on the inspire if you don't update the firmware eventually it won't let you fly. Can anyone confirm this?

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