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Short Circuit and Cell Broken message in battery history

Nov 19, 2014
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Florida, USA
Hey guys,
I'm pretty sure I've seen another person post about this same issue on this forum, but the search and advanced search don't turn anything up with different key words I've tried, so any help is much appreciated.
This is what record 01 says in one of my batteries history

"Overcurrent in Discharge
Over Temperature in Discharge
Low Temperature in Discharge
Short Circuit in Discharge
Cell under voltage
Cell Broken
Time to Discharge"

Is there anyway this could be an error? This wasn't here earlier today and I haven't used it at all in between when the message wasn't here and when it was.

EDIT: I forgot to mention records 02-08 also give some combination of those messages, but this one seemed to be the most ominous. It's worth noting the battery has only been charged 5 times. When is a record generated?
It was said on RCG that there can be some bogus info from manufacturing time in there.
Have you flown the battery down to empty (or below say 5%) or until the Inspire auto lands/descends?
I flew it down to 8% after I saw those error messages. Then after it cooled I charged it up to 100%. Those records are now gone. I don't get it. But it seems like it's okay. Flown and charged it 4 times since then and all is well.
Similar situation here. Please straight it - can we fly those batteries or send them back?
I had "cell broken" message yesterday but INSP2 wouldn't fly....msg said land immediately. Couldn't even take off tho bats were 98%. I'm running the bird, to reduce bat to 5%...from 98% its a chore. Have a friend who did all the discharge, recharge etc and message persisted. DJI replaced his battery. It seems to be an issue with a certain batch. Pain in the derriere.
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