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Signal from transmitter interferes with video. Solutions ?

Sep 22, 2014
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Southern Pines, NC
I'm still seeing blurred/wavy lines on video when playing it back. The lines appear when I use the sticks/ send a signal to the quad. Turning left causes distortion on the left. Going up/ forward causes distortion in center of video. Etc. When it's hovering, the distortion disappears.

Playback is from the SD card to laptop or TV. Unedited... Just trying to view it. If anyone can tell me what this is, and if there is a fix, I would be grateful. I'm thinking I'm going to have to find a way to improve shielding.? I'm also getting wavy lines on fences, roofs, and even small tree branches. Interestingly, most of these issues aren't visible when playing back the video through the Air2.
Video is 1080P 30fps. With and without the ND filter. Video is MP4. Everything else is on auto.
Moiré?...... As Kilrah days, we need to SEE it to attempt to diagnose it!

I'm working on getting a video... Gotta film the tv. It does not show up in the iPad, nor is it as noticeable on the computer screen. So if it's worse on the tv, could it be 60P vs. 60I ?
The weird thing is that it appears directly related to moving the sticks on the transmitter... the radio signal shows up on the video.
I'm going to edit down the video on the SD card and post it, as well as try to capture the video off the tv.
Some people have been remporting something that sounds similar, and it looked to be incompatibility of the player software or improper editing/processing/conversion.

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