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==== SOLD ==== DJI Inspire 2, x7 camera, 16mm, CrystalSky 7.85" High-Brightness, GoProf Case

Aug 2, 2015
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Houma, LA
My location is Houma, LA USA
I accept US dollars.
I do not ship internationally.

Asking $4500

I'm willing to cancel the EBAY if you are willing to pay $5000

DO NOT MESSAGE me and ask if I will Part it out....I'm not going to do that.
I have it listed on Ebay and as soon as someone bids on it I have to remove this sale...so maybe you can get lucky and win the bid if you rather play that game: DJI Inspire 2, x7 camera, 16mm, CrystalSky 7.85" High-Brightness, GoProf Case | eBay

PLEASE READ ALL of this description so you know everything about this drone.

This drone has been in the box and stored as a backup for almost a year. It has very low flight hours. The drone and camera and everything works great. It has never been dropped or landed heavy. The bulk of my business is real estate photography so very low hour flights. This drone has been my backup to my main drone. I no longer need the backup.

Everything is included that you see in the photos. I am going to included 8 batteries in this sale. Please do not factor the batteries in the price you are willing to pay. These batteries have between 44 and 49 cycles on the charge. They are starting to show signs of wear and are at the end of their life cycle. These batteries were not used with this drone, they were used with my main drone. The one in the photo with a red arrow shown has a crack in the case. They are all showing signs of puffyness, this is an indication that the batteries will need to be replaced soon, just consider them free.

The CrystalSky monitor is the bigger 7.85 size and is the Ultra Bright style design to be used in full sunlight. It works great and is an essential part of this professional kit. The monitor comes with 2 batteries and the charger.

The transmitter works great and is in great condition. It too has been my backup for months so it has been in a box, not being used.

The X7 Camera is amazing. The quality is so good that you will not believe it. When the drone starts up, the X7 Camera will make several turns. When the drone is on gravel, the camera will barely swing around and hit that gravel. When that happens it causes a small scratch onto the surface. Notice the close up photos of the camera. The red arrows show the scratches on the camera. They do not interfere with the use of the camera and they are just cosmetic.

The 16mm lens is perfect and clear as the photos shows.

The original battery charger and wires and several extra props are all included.

This entire kit comes packed into a GPC, Go Professional Case as shown. This case is amazing and a requirement if you are serious about protection your drone investment.

I paid $9000 for all the things in this kit:

Inspire 2 Drone (CinemaDNG and ProRez NOT activated, this was my backup) I am the original and only owner, purchased brand-new about 1 year ago.

CrystalSky Ultra Brightness Monitor
X7 Camera
16mm Lens
Go Professional Case
Various Accessories like chargers, wires, calibration plate, etc.
2 Extra Sets of Props (12 total props)
8 batteries included (they will need to be replaced soon)

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!!!


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Another Price drop....I will GO $4500 and whatever shipping is...depends on where you are. No extra fee, just whatever it costs.

Let me know....about to lower it on EBAY also.

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