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SOLD! Inspire 2 Dual Operator Package w/ RAW & ProRES Lic's

Mar 6, 2018
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Soup to nuts. This includes everything needed to fly in single and dual operator mode -- right down to the ipad Pros! And it is all in NEW or LIKE NEW condition.

Only used for one project that involved three locations... This is a full package complete with 2 lenses (15mm & 25mm), hardshell case, ND & Pola filters, 5 battery pairs, ssd's, controllers, ipad Pro's (for controller screens & to run flight app), and much much more. This is absolutely complete and ready to fly.

I do have all of the packaging... yes all of the boxes everything came in. And this can be included. Be warned it is a lot - basically a whole extra box of boxes.... but I will include if buyer wants.

I just joined here but I am a film professional. I have been a member of reduser since 2009 (click the link for my reduser profile) under the same name and have bought and sold lots of expensive professional gear so I can provide plenty of references if needed.

If you are in fact interested contact me directly or here: [email protected]
Email or contact me for pics.
Will only ship within USA, sorry.

Will not part out, sorry.

Gear List Follows:
1 Inspire 2 Drone
1 X5s Camera
1 CDNG RAW License
1 ProRES License
1 DJI Stock15mm lens
1 Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 Black

1 DJI Care Refresh for INSPIRE 2 - UNUSED (Good For 2 replacements)
1 DJI Care Refresh for X5s Camera - UNUSED (Good for 2 replacements)
10 DJI TB50 Battery (5 pairs - these are matched to pairs through the software)
2 DJI Remote Controller
1 DJI Vision System Calibration Plate
1 DJI GPS Module (Allows GPS when using a non cellular device for monitor)
7 DJI Quick Release Propellar Pairs - Stndrd Altitude
2 DJI CINESSD Station Card Readers
2 DJI 480GB SSD Card
2 DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2
2 DJI 180W Power Adapter for Inspire 2 Charger
1 DJI Stock Foam Travel Case
1 GoProfressional HARD AIRPORT Landing-Mode Case for DJI Inspire 2
2 Apple 10.5 ipad Pro 256GB WiFi Silver (Controller Monitors)
1 Polar Pro DJI Inspire 6 Filter Pak ND/Pola

Thank you for all the interest.
Package is SOLD.
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Would you be willing to sell without the iPads? If so, can you DM me the price without them?

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