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Some New Osmo hints and tips

Dec 26, 2016
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I have the Osmo+ with Z3 Camera and Z-Axis. I also just received the M1 Gimbal yesterday. I have solved two problems that may be helpful for others. The problems & solutions are listed below.
1. How to use my M1 Gimbal with my Z-Axis?
2. How to counterbalance my M1 Gimbal if I want to use my Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens
( Moondog Labs - Moondog Labs ) with my iPhone 6plus?

#1. I weighed the Z3 Gimbal head alone and found it to be 9.4oz. (266.49g). The Zenmuse M1 gimbal weighs in at 10.8oz. (306.17g). So, I needed to set up the Z-Axis to offset 1.4oz. (39.68g). I had read that this was possible by taking apart the Z-Axis and putting a zip tie around a portion of the spring to increase the tension. But, I wanted something a bit less invasive.
I found that if I attached two springs to the outside, it worked perfectly. The springs I used were made by Century Spring Corporation and the size was 5/16” X 3” X .028. I used a 2mm allen wrench to loosen the screws and just slipped the springs into place. (see photos).



#2. I love the anamorpic lens by Moondog Labs, but it adds 49 grams to the weight of my iPhone. I made a very simple, removable counterweight that just hangs on the side of my M1 gimbal that offsets that weight and allows the gimbal to balance easily. The weights I used were 4 rounds weights with a small hole in the middle. Each weight is .7 - .8oz, so 4 of them totals 3oz. (85.05g). I received these weights when I bought my first motorized gimbal (model M3L) from a company called Swiftcam. I'm not sure they still provide or sell them.
I simply took a coated paper clip and bent it to slip over the gimbal arm and hold the weights. Easy to put on and take off as needed. (see photos)




Hope this helps some folks. If you have questions, please post them.

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