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Some really cool and unique ways to set up your remote controller

Florida Drone Supply

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Dec 8, 2016
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As the new CrystalSky monitors have been released and gotten into the hands of the first clients to receive them, we thought we would post the various options for setting up and configuring your pilot remote control station and your camera operator remote controller station. There are several options available and we will share our thoughts on them.

Prior to the CrystalSky, built in FPV cams and the recent versions of the GoApp, we had previously flown and done our demonstrations with dual monitors to show the functionality of using the HDMI port on the back of the remote controllers. Different copters allowed us to use it for different options - i.e. the M600 allowed a 3rd party video stream to be sent with the camera feed (we used it to install a small FPV camera) while the Inspire 1 was able to use the port to supply video to a client monitor, video goggles or mirror the main camera feed on a larger / brighter screen. The Phantom series also has an HDMI module that can be added to the remote controller to turn on this same functionality.

With the Inspire 2, Matrice 200 (and hopefully all the new DJI copters with camera gimbals), we now have built in FPV cameras and the ability to change our primary view on a single screen…this again means more options.

Initially, there are a couple choices that will impact how you set up your station:

  1. Do you prefer to have 1 or 2 monitors
  2. Do you like to see an FPV camera feed at the same time you can see the primary camera feed
  3. Are you going to use daylight viewable monitors or ones that will require sun hoods to block light
  4. Do you need to supply a video feed to a client

Single screen iPad or Mobile Device
This is the traditional method we all start with - using our mobile devices in the supplied device holder on the remote controller.

Single Screen with the CrystalSky using the DJI Bracket
A simple modification to the remote controller that changes the mobile device holder for a CrystalSky quick release bracket. If you only need one screen the CrystalSky is a great way to go.

Both of the above options are used with neck straps or harnesses that clip to center of the DJI remote controller .

Add a Secraft Tray
As an upgrade to achieve a more comfortable (and arguably safer through remote controller stability) you can simply take your remote controller set up and place in into a Secraft transmitter tray and use a Secraft harness that clips to the left and right side of the tray. If you ever need to take your hands off the stick for a moment your remote controller stays safely balanced and stable for you.

Repositioned Single Screen (mobile device) on a Secraft Tray
Using a Secraft tray allows you to reposition your mobile device or CrystalSky Screen to the tray and off of your remote controller. It can be done by adding a mobile grip kit (crossbar, device holder and ez clamp).

Repositioned Single Screen (CrystalSky) on a Secraft Tray
Using a Secraft tray also allows you to mount your CrystalSky monitor to crossbar by adding a crossbar, ez clamp and a 1/4 20 CrystalSky mount (we have used the ones made by MavMount).

**Why to consider adding a dual display**
Adding a second monitor has many uses. The first one could simply be to have a large view of you camera on a nice bright screen (with or without OSD information). Others use it to feed a display used as a client monitor. Pilots flying in a dual operator set up might benefit for seeing both their FPV camera feed as well as the feed from the primary camera to better understand the shot being captured and to fine tune the movement of the copter based on the development of the shot. Camera operators may prefer to have a device that they leave their camera settings open on while seeing a clean version of shot on the other screen (eliminating the need to always be opening camera settings over their live camera view.

Dual Screens (mobile device and 2nd Monitor)
A popular use of the Secraft tray is its ability to have dual displays. By simply adding the dual mount crossbar, you can use your mobile grip kit on one side (using anything from a mobile phone to an iPad or tablet) and on the other side you can attach an EZ clamp and mount it to an HDMI monitor of your choice (using the monitor’s 1/4 20 mounting hole).

Dual Screens (CrystalSky and 2nd Monitor)
Its also possible to use your new CrystalSky monitor with a 2nd HDMI monitor by adding the dual mount crossbar and 2 EZ clamps for mounting the screens with 1/4 20 mounts. Because the CrystalSky does not have a 1/4 20 mounting hole you must also add a CrystalSky bracket that adds a 1/4 mounting hole. We use the one made by MavMount.

Using Heavier Monitors
When we use heavier monitors (such as the Ninja Inferno shown in the photo) we substitute the Secraft EZ Clamps with RAM Mount clamps (1 inch ball) - we find they hold the heavier items more securely for us.

To get yourself started with any of the remote controller solutions listed above, just visit www.FloridaDroneSupply.com and click the Secraft link at the top of the home page. You will find everything you need there.

Let us know if you have any questions about it at all......


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Can you have one RC and 2 tablets. One to fly drone and the other to control camera? That is without a 2nd contoller. So the 2nd tablets just rotates the camera, focus etc
Can you have one RC and 2 tablets. One to fly drone and the other to control camera? That is without a 2nd contoller. So the 2nd tablets just rotates the camera, focus etc
With his setup he is using the HDMI output for the 2nd monitor. You wouldn't be able to have the camera controls like you would with a 2nd controller, it's for viewing only.
Can you have one RC and 2 tablets. One to fly drone and the other to control camera? That is without a 2nd contoller. So the 2nd tablets just rotates the camera, focus etc
That combination would not do exactly what you were hoping it might do. It is possible you could use 2 mobile devices if your 2nd one accepts an HDMI input (maybe the NVIDIA Shield) - but the second one would still only act as a monitor. This is because the USB on the back of the remote is where you plug in the device that will talk to the drone - and there is only one of those. Even if there were 2, currently the remote is only designed to talk to one mobile device.
8/19/17 Update:
We got in a fresh stock of all of the Secraft accessories last week. We have the trays and harnesses in stock in both colors and all of the accessories and mounts you might want for customizing your transmitter tray.


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