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St. Augustine Florida

Feb 13, 2015
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Tampa, FL
Shorter videos are better, right? Oops.

I compiled this video to provide some editors with the ability to pick and choose the b roll that they would like to use for various projects around St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Turns out that some of this content may be picked up by two networks- one regional and one international- for coverage of the upcoming 450th anniversary celebration of the city of St. Augustine.

If you're in the mood to be a jerk, go ahead and post your comments elsewhere; I won't respond. I do, however, invite constructive criticism. I always seek to get better, and I know that this video has some shortcomings.

Hope you enjoy some of the shots, though.

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It's highly likely that no one here is going to watch a 30 minute video in its entirety. Most will stay for a 3-5 minute video if the content is interesting. Learn to shorten your clips to about a 3 to at most 10 second duration. Learn to be critical of the value of a clip in telling the story, and be brutal when it comes to what to leave out. If you're clever, sync your clips to the music, so that a rhythm is established that will leave the viewer wanting to watch more. Most song clips run 3-5 minutes, which will be about as long as you'll hold my attention. Select and show only the best content. Leave the rest on the cutting room floor.

I'm hopeful that your stock footage will be used by the organizations you mentioned, but if you'll watch what they'll use, it will be a small fraction of what you have above. People's attention spans are short. That's a fact of life on the internet.
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