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Stolen Inspire 1

Jan 25, 2015
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British Columbia
Hi guys,

Last Wednesday my inspire 1 was stolen out of my pickup in British Columbia, Canada. The culprits forgot to grab the case with remotes and chargers in it though. If anyone sees anything that looks like it may be suspicious, please let me know... I know its a long shot but I am really hoping to see my bird again. Also stolen was a Leica GS14 Base and Rover set:(

On a side note, I am looking for just an inspire 1 with camera and no extra batteries for sale that can quickly replace my lost bird:)

Thanks for reading

Hi QuickTerrain, sorry to hear about the theft. Can I ask where you were parked? I'm in Vancouver, if I see anyone trying to sell one without a remote and charger or something that seems suspicious I'll let you know. Do you have the serial number and all that if something comes up? Also, if you have house insurance it may cover items stolen out of your car. That came in handy for me once. Best of luck getting it back.
I'm up in Williams Lake, and was parked in my driveway. I looked into my homeowners insurance and they will cover up to 5k but unfortunately the GPS gear that was stolen is worth far more than that. To top it off, in order to claim the 5k insurance, I will need to track down a long lost girlfriend who I purchased the home and insurance with... We don't get along so well and I doubt she will supply me with the signature I need on the forms:(

Thanks for keeping an eye open in Vancouver for me.
Ahh, unlikely to turn up down here then, but I'll keep an eye out regardless.
I guess the disadvantage of the Inspire looking so extraterrestrial is that it makes it more vulnerable to theft...
I've got a bird in California getting patched from from my latest little "whoopsie". As I've been toying with the idea of getting a different system, send me a PM. I'm in Calgary, AB...so it would just be a short ship right on over to ya...
Most likely thy can't turn it on or even know how. Call some pawn shops and check Craig's list. Maybe even eBay good luck and God Bless hope it all works out for you even offer a reward.most likely they are drug users I would even stay up late a few night see if there is anyone roaming the streets late @ night and maybe a cheap security system with a recorder.when I lived in the city I owned 2 homes across the street from the one I lived it.i had a system setup were I could watch most of everything.there was a big white piece of trash selling crack next to one of the homes I owned. I put up a fence so his customers could not cut trough my rental property's yard and he did not like the fact that I was on to his gig.I was reviewing the tape one morning and saw he poored something on some of my plants the week after they all died.couple weeks later I saw him walking down the street it was eating at me what he did I jumped in my truck and went looking for him.Bingo there he was walking in the road I got out grabbed him flipped him on his Azz. He got up told me he was a brown belt in marshal arts so I punched him and broke his nose and walked away saying. Dude you must have missed some classes. He moved out a few weeks after.

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