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Studdering video with yaw

Dec 24, 2014
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So far in preproduction and now in some new footage I see the same thing happening that is either worrisome or a setting is off, or conversion is poor - don't know what. I keep seeing studdering video during slow yaw. What is the deal?

Is it people editing to different frame rates in a project set at 29.97? I think it's a frame rate mismatch maybe?
Yeah I think that may be it. I recognize it because I've screwed that up myself, lol. I guess I would just caution people posting video now to be careful if you're gonna get any more creative than just posting unedited footage. People are looking with microscope eyes at the moment for any signs of weakness. If you plan on making a demo movie of sorts with edits and rendering down, take that into consideration when you shoot the actual inspire footage. I think the footage looks great except for that.
The timeline must have had clips at both 24 and 30fps, or similar, and the editor did not "interperate" or change one of the footages frame rates. You need to have 24fps footage on a 24fps timeline. If you have 30fps footage it should be changed to 24fps before being placed on a 24 fps timeline for example.
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