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Stunning Church footage!!!!

Very nicely done, a little surprised he got permission to fly in the church, but great looking video and a nice way to preserve the church.
Can't really condone a video like this. There are certain places where flying a loud, buzzing toy should be prohibited.

Remember, this is a place where people are engaged in prayer and quiet introspection. God is watching --- He's always watching.
I think it's probably safe to assume that no public were in the building at the time - Think I spotted a cleaner around the 1:30 mark.

Would be way better if it was taken at 11am on a Sunday morning with a full compliment of worshipers, a choir and some bishops running around !!:p
Video looks great. I'm sure if you enjoyed yourself without hurting anyone, the nice guy from the stories would probably be happy.
Looking at the video, one can see that the church was empty of parishioners. The church obviously gave the pilot permission to fly indoors. So I figure if the priest prayed for a safe flight, then God wouldn't mind. Heck, makes me want to visit the church. Isn't that the church's intent? Safe flying guys...

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