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Sunlight viewable tablet or monitor?

Feb 9, 2015
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Mersea Island
Hi all,

I have an iPad 3 with the old connector and understand I need to change this to either a newer ipad with an A7 processor or an android tablet. My main concern is operating the inspire in direct sunlight. What is the best tablet for this? should I be looking in to a Sunlight viewable monitor? or can something like the Nexus 7 cope ok? I have read it has the brightest screen available. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Framing the shot is very important to me, so anything that will make it easier without peering at the screen trying to make out the shapes would be amazing! Thanks in advance!
But is the ipad still bright enough to overcome the ambient light and be clear enough to read the small icons etc? I say this as I'd love to see a tablet with a transflective screen like on a boat gps for the ultimate in clarity.
Anyone with sunshine and an iPad (I'm snowed in in Boston - AGAIN) willing to try this?

Sadly, my polarized prescription shades appear to be polarized the wrong way -- it works (in a fashion) with the iPad (Air v1) in portrait, but not landscape. Still not terribly visible when reflecting bright sky, let alone actually in the sun.
My experience has been that it is not so much the reflections that cause a problem, but extraordinarily bright light outside. The only fix I have found so far is very early morning and very late afternoon flights when the ambient light level is much lower. The crappy hood I got from Amazon (sent it back) was no help whatsoever. :(

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