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System Error (red light) after firmware update

Apr 1, 2015
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Hi all, is someone having problem after doing the update to today's firmware?

its my first time doing it, but i think i did it well, all the .txt files said "success" and beeping/light reported the same

but now i turned on mi controller with app connected, turned on my aircraft and after re calibrating the compass, the tail led still red and aircraft status in app said "system error"

what do i miss?
what i have to do?

PD: after i updated controller and checked all the txt files, i did format again on my sd, but i remember i had to update my other 2 batteries so i put again only .bin file, could that be messing around?

help please!
ok, i got fastest replys on dji official forum

it was the motor lock after the update

problem solved
I am sorry it took longer than 22 minutes to get a reply!

**** einstein and his relativity theory

imagine myself on my first fw update and getting red status light, thinking i messed it up, for me was hours! hehe
doing CSC sequence

left stick down-right right stick down-left
I purchased the Inspire 1 and I updated the craft. After the update I had the same issue. The DJI Pilot has sowed System Error momentarily for a few seconds.
you have had any problems after this with your Inspire? All correct?

Thanks in advance

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