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Tb47 lipo health

Feb 21, 2015
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One of my tb47s has only been cycled 4 times and the app now shows it being at 98% health and reduced capacity!

Is this normal? My other one is ok.
No - not normal, but depends a lot on how you've treated it.
Letting it cool to ambient before recharge. How long you've stored it fully charged and at what temp.
How deeply you have depleted the battery on each flight etc etc
Hmm I'm pretty up on lipo dos and don'ts while using them and charging etc etc.

Guess I'll give it another cycle and see what happens. Would it recover to 100% or is that it now?

I'm used to normal rc lipos... Maybe too much info is a bad thing haha
If you know how to handle lipos maybe calibrating it helps.
Run it down to under 8% leave it for 1-2 hours and fill it up till it stops.

Sorry i have no other idea :-(
I will try running it below 8% and report back. Hopefully calibrating it will bring it back to 100%
No luck for me, I brought down till the Inspire turned off, and after charging it's still 98%
That's depressing then! I hope these lipos don't have a predetermined life span set by dji :eek:
Guys... 2% is nothing. Manufacturing tolerances, aging differences etc...

One of my Macbook had its battery go 95% after 2 weeks, yet it still has 80% after 4 years.
My new one is still at 103% after 3 months.

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