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Test footage from Maui in 4K

Beautiful footage (though I'm sure any pictures of Hawaii would be, no matter what camera you used).

Is it just me, or is there a bit of aberration on the corners? This is very noticeable on the waterfall scene, where the trees along either side of the mountain get a little smudgey. (Easier to see in full-screen)
nice shots. i like the reverse angle following the coastline..but i understand why you would need a forward facing camera as well. really don't get why such a blatant omission.
unfortunately my macbook pro will only play a few seconds at a time of this..it just keeps spooling. i thought my settings were o.k…anybody having that issue that has an answer?
Yes, agree I like it, but a few issues, though am I right in thinking that unless you have fast internet, a fast PC with a display port and a 4k monitor you're never going to get the full effect of anything shot in 4k?

Cheers Mark
Don't forget the title of the video....."Early prototype......."

You wont start to see proper examples until its released next week.

I believe the camera doesn't rotate 360 degrees, it rotates 330 cw and 330 ccw.

Cheers Mark
at 5120x2880 resolution the 5k iMac is awesome. Its funny though, because there is such high resolution, 4k video doesn't even fill the entire screen. I have to stretch 4k to view fullscreen. It makes 1080p very soft when viewed fullscreen, but the 4k videos are absolutely amazing.

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