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the best tablet for the buck for the inspire?

Aug 12, 2014
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GUerneville Ca.
I dont want to get two i pads for my 2 controllers due to cost.
I know you need to have an hdmi connector as well as needing to accept the app.
I am wondering about memory as well.if you want to store data about the flight to use with other programs how much might me needed? i see ones with hdmi output for connecting a t.v. but is that duplex communication which i assume the inspire transmitter needs.
i found many but ont sure if they are going to be bright enough even with a shade. i would think a l.c.d. display could be bright enough. unfortunately a lot of the units i see dont have nit specs.
here is one that looks good to me and is cheap and you can expand memory.
i am curious to see what others think about this and other android tablets.
lets see if this link works: http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Touch-...7835794&sr=1-2&keywords=tablet+with+hdmi+port
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I really don't want to have yet another piece of kit that needs charging. I already have an iPad mini and an iPhone 6+ so that will be my 1-2 punch for monitors. $109 is pretty good though IF it does what's needed. IF.
I already have a nexus 9 and a nexus 7 (2013), so I'll start with those. If I want to monitor on a TV, I can use Chromecast to mirror the screen. If one ends up being significantly better I'll probably get a second one. For Internet access I can bluetooth tether from the phone or fire up my hotspot.
sounds about right. I just bought an Asus Iconia Tab 8 and will try it. best buy for 155 out the door.about the same price as the memo pad 7 + tax. i will use my smart samsung as a hotspot for the map access i guess.
i hear the app will be via a Q.R code that comes with the manual. i wonder if there might be a way to down load it on the tablet and side load the app to my mac laptop for the primary controller?
iPad Air 2 128gb with wifi and cellular has just arrived, already downloading various UK apps. Would really like to play with the app before the quad!
Cheers Mark
How will we go about a sun shade on an iPad? I had a good shade that went around my ph2 delux fpv, but that had sides. Hmmmmmmm

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