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The inspire experience so far

Nov 26, 2014
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I read all the things that happen here to the inspire and accessories.This is my 3rd DJI purchase , 2 phantoms before this and i still fly the phantom2.
I had a terrible time getting the inspire and all the extras, never really got things together until end the of march 2015,(2nd remote kept delaying)
5 min in the air and it flew into a rose bush and i found that odd as i had flown phantoms many times.Smashed all the props and that was it for damage,more damage to me for thinking it was my fault.
Then the firmware updates,crossing your fingers that this update would go ok,some updates take 2 or 3 goes to get them in and many sd and usb sticks in many formats.Its scarey as this is an expensive piece of equipment and you cannot re-format and start fresh.
The last update did me in, the inspire went ok and batteries went ok and the slave remote updated ok but the master failed and failed on everything but was ok with the update.
Here on the forum lots of people helped ,then i called and got a human at DJI Oscar(nice guy) who did some basic tests and verified that it was the usb port on the masterRC and its now RMA'd and shipped.DJI say it will be 8 weeks plus,i have a lot of money tied up in this and really i am not getting much use between messed up firmware and just strange things happening...batteries going from 47% to 10 and the inspire trying to left and return home on no power,its scarey.
I fly with charged batteries and when its down to 52% i am looking at coming close to my landing spot.My old phantom 2 i fly with a stop watch and i look at coming in at 14 min.This whole inspire thing is not solid and reading different threads here i wonder what a lot oif us have done.
Now i have switched my remote RC to master the video playback has cross hatch interference and i found it always had ,so i guess its next for repairs.
I am disappointed in this purchase,videos are good but its all nerve racking as i don't want a fly away
Sorry you had bad luck... mine has been good so far... haven't tried updating anything.... just ignoring the nags to update.

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