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Jan 7, 2018
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I am doing some research regarding thermomapping. I was wondering if anyone had any experience making thermomaps. If so,

what drone/sensor combination are you using?
what software have you used to stitch images?
what altitudes have you flown at?

hi and welcome to the community,
generally for inspire 1 there is an infra red / night vision kamera with flir sensor - which you should know doing your homework at least checking some info -
it is called the XT and there are several versions. in some cases or only one you do need permission and paper work for comliance to use it depending where you are due to the terrorist stuff going on in the world.
in short: if you have a spare 10+ grand get the XT talk to the flir guys and take lessons from them, use the search - plenty of info in here -, do your homework with research and then asking, not asking and waiting for the pigin to fall in your lap :)
no offense meant. if you have information (also about yourself) please share. eg. experience you have, where you are flying, what kind of projects you take, what is your equipment etc. how long have you been using a drone and flying, and the list goes on... please do not take this - yes i am repeating myself - as an offense but more as a kickstart to help yourself with some ideas and a direction where to start checking and looking. :)
hope no offense is taken.
Non taken I assumed that would be the response haha. Most forums want more refined questions.

I have played around with a Mavic pro for some time. I've used it to take recreational vids/pics as well as to make some RGB maps of ag fields. To make the maps I've used DroneDeploy to flight plan and PrecsionMapper to stitch.

I have heard of the XT and talked with FLIR about it. The gave me a pretty expensive quote using the XT on a Matrice 210 RTK. So I'm looking for other options. I am going to be using the thermalmap in combination with RGB maps to look for rocks in fields. I wanted to see if this was possible using an Inspire 1/2 because its a much cheaper drone. Additionally in some of the forums I've read that people have had trouble stitching together thermo images so I wanted to see what peoples experiences were so I could avoid that.

Thanks for the welcome :)
good answer :)
link: DJI XT Thermal Mapping programs
DJI XT Thermal Mapping programs
yes XT is expensive not to mention Flir. there are people doing costum stuff with 3D printed holders etc. problems are there with stitching thermo yes, i just found the thread. hope it helps.
unfortunatley i am not yet into thermo but the guys at Flir and ahould be able to help. you also might want to check facebook to search for groups doing thermo stuff. :)
you are welcome for your welcome or thanks:) lol

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