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Tips for a new Inspire pilot

Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
Just typed this up for someone so I'll splat it here as well.

Other tips?


Read the manual VERY carefully front to back and take special note of the cautionary notes (or risk accidentally shutting off your aircraft in midair for example).

Read it twice (seriously) if this is your first drone.

Don't fly it inside or near anything until you are very comfortable and confident in it and your skills.

Spend some quality time in the simulator. Loss of orientation is the first thing you will notice when the aircraft is pointed at you vs away from you. Get comfortable with the reversing of controls. Practice in ATTI mode when you feel you have a handle on ATTI mode.

Note the simulator will work without the camera attached. It gets pretty hot with it on.

Upgrade everything (aircraft and remote firmware, latest Pilot app) EXACTLY as the firmware instructions specify and in the order specified.

Calibrate everything CAREFULLY after all upgrades complete: IMU, compass and remote control(s). Importantly for calibration: before doing the IMU calibration make sure the aircraft is PERFECTLY level (use a bubble level) and stable (nobody walking around or pets jumping around it while in process). Do compass calibration in an open area away from any metal, ferrous materials or rocks or magnetic sources.
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That FAQ needs a scrub

Skilled to Newbie interactions! have to admit I wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when I started with quadcopters. This Forum and phantom pilots is awesome and loaded with experienced to newbies that help more than the manual... What needs to be addressed is a preflight checklist, to the does and donts.. If you're NOT A READER, I'm quite sure YouTube videos have been a learning experience for many of us that flew and modded the P2's lol[emoji6]!
Read the manual a third time! It can be rather cryptic and leaves out some important information. For that, spend time reading the forums. You will fine a vast amount of undocumented info within them that the manual does not describe very well. Suggest performing searches the forums AND reading earlier posts before asking questions. Some questions have been asked a b'zillion times and some fall on blind eyes as a result.

One day someone will write the book "Inspire For Dummy's" and all will be covered within. :)
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