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Tips On Getting Support For Matrice 100

Aug 11, 2015
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After dealing with Matrice 100 Support (a.k.a. dev.support) I have a few things I believe may make your Journey a smoother and more time efficient process. You will be dealing with the dev.support team, this will transpire over email and unless you can give them all the info they need at once they will only gather a single piece of information from you each day to help resolve your issue........so, maybe you could try to front-load them with as much info as humanly possible to reduce the number of emails required to solve your issue. I suggest this because of the US and China time difference, you will not receive reply to your email till the next day. Slowing down the issue even more.

So without further hesitation I offer these tips

1. You will have to begin by emailing [email protected] with your issue.
2. In this email you should explain in detail, without getting wordy (remember the language barrier, China)your issue, and what you have done to try and resolve it.
3.They do not take kindly to insults! Keep it professional
4.After explaining your issue in detail, copy and Paste this below it (fill in the info of course)
【电话/Phone number】:
【购买渠道/Purchase Channel】:
【案件情况描述/Specific description】:
【视频连接/Video Link】:NA

5.Lastly, add a video speaking very clearly and without anger, showing the issue you need help resolving

This is all I have at the moment, but in my experience, it will shorten the email process by about a week! Then you wait 6-8 weeks for repair!

I will add more as the process unfolds

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