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Transformation video

Cool. Seems like the video from the Inspire 1 is rock solid. The only vibrations are coming from the other cameras mounted to the frame.
That's a great demonstration. I remember how concerned some members were about the gimbal shake during transformation. They definitely corrected it a lot in the production model.

Well, the gimbal does shake a lot during flying, and not only during transformation, but none of that shake seems to translate to the output video, so DJI engineers have done an amazing job of integrating the gimbal IMU. I'm wondering if a bit of Sorbothane between the gimbal bracket and the Inspire bracket would dampen the side-to-side movement, or if the supplied replacement dampeners work better at different temperatures? I'm sure there will be lots of experimenting.
Personally, I would not mess with anything on this integrated system. It works. Guys may want to experiment but I would not recommend it. The gimbal does its job. No shakes or judders in the recorded video. I personally don't care what the gimbal does as long as the video is stable.

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