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Traveling with the standard DJI Case

Aug 9, 2015
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I'm traveling with my inspire up to Alaska. I want to use the standard case just because it so much lighter than all the goprofessional ones. I want to put the case in a dry bag to keep everything waterproof. Any ideas if this will work. The largest dry bags I can see are 115L and I'm not sure if the standard case will fit inside. I also want the dry bag just for the back straps and I don't want to carry around a goprofessional case that will weight 50lbs fully loaded.
You could also buy a cheap hard plastic wheelie suit case that the dji case only just fits into. Then run a length of gaff tape around the opening when traveling. Baggage handlers everywhere are used to that and it wont get as much attention. Otherwise the ortlieb x tremer xxl might be worth a look.
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Some airlines will let you take it as a carry-on but as the size of the DJI case is larger than what is allowed as carry on they can refuse you take it into the cabin.
Whats the carry on allowance ?
No way i could do that over here.
But hey if you can then go for it.
Id be prepared to have it taken off you at the door of the plane though and thrown down bellow.
I have had that happen with regulation size camera bag that was too heavy. A quick re distribution of items between friends got me out of the problem. Maybe up in First class they have bigger overheads but back in economy where im usually found i would doubt that bag would fit.
I've been doing as timax suggested for some time now. Putting the DJI case in a tight fitting standard suit case with a little bit of padding on the inside and checked in.
Have been on 20+ flights and my inspire is in perfect condition. Batteries come with me in the cabin of course.
I like that it doesn't draw attention, the pelican looking cases may as well have a big $ painted on the top.

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