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troubles recording in 4k

I am pretty annoyed. I was told to get a better sd card. I got the scandisk extreme pro 64. cost around $50 and can write at 95 mbs http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NUB3530?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

but my video is still skipping allot of frames. its very annoying. Im thinking my camera is bad?
Not sure if this is of use. With my Inspire I have usually only done 1080 video. I have recently tried 4K and noticed that when I play the video on my desktop computer it skips frames and looks jerky. I decided the issue was with my computer's ability to process and play the video image. I checked this by importing the 4K video directly into Premiere Pro CS6 and it ran smoothly with no missing frames, although the resolution displayed was clearly less than 4K.

Good luck
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I've recorded at 4K without any problems but the same video file on a MacBook will not play back as smoothly as on a Mac Pro Trashcan. Too much data, too little time, not enough horsepower (this is the story of my life, too ;) ).

To edit the video you have to prepare lower resolution clips and use what is called proxy editing. (Do a Google search for: proxy editing for more info, but it basically means doing the editing on lower resolution clips and, when you're done, switch the editing software to use the original high resolution clips to produce 4K output.)

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Your recording is probably perfectly good but your computer is too slow to play it back.

Thanks everyone. Problem was my computer... I uploaded it to YouTube, and playback is perfect. Thanks for the direction guys!
If you're not able to view/play the 4K videos without dropped frames and have an older computer then try downloading the trial version of Kyno and see if that can play the footage for you. It will playback by doing on-the-fly scaling/transcoding so you don't have to sit & wait while it transcodes or rescales the files.

My old 2006 MacPro wouldn't play anything over 2K video without suffering from bad stuttering/dropped frames, but will happily let me review and playback 4K video when viewing it using Kyno. It was enough to keep me happily reviewing/viewing footage for a couple of months until I could buy a newer & more powerful Mac that could edit 4K, (and it means the older system is still useable for viewing footage).

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