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Tutorial on Underwater Drone Photography

this is pretty funny i must admit. but seriously,pretty amazing seeing all the fish etc.
i wonder what camera was being used?
maybe a go pro in a waterproof housing. bummer for the drone though.
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Jacques, with your permission, I would like to re-post this video on RC Groups Inspire forum. They all need a good laugh too.

Please do!! I wish I knew who's footage it was so that he/she could get the credit it deserves! I am sure this will brighten up a few peoples day!
Brilliant :D:D:D

What amazes me is they even found/recovered the thing! Must have taken some finding even in fairly clear water.
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That's hilarious. I vote that we band together to find more videos and make an entire caption tutorial series.
A funny clip, but probably fake.

When the drone "hits" the water, there´s no frames, they are missing. Bad editing.. ;)
Too funny. I had a phantom do a dive once in fresh water. The copter was fine after drying out… The gimbal… Toast… The unprotected GoPro remained on and shooting the entire time till the Phantom was recovered. I'll dig up the footage and post it. Should have seen the face of the guy who pulled it out… Very funny. Was amazed how the copter and camera survived to fly and shoot another day.
The Blade 350 did actually flip when it hit the water!
The crash was caused because the operator left the WIFI of the GoPro on!

Original video
The fish heard the splash and swam over to investigate. I swear I heard one the say to the others, "Another dingle berry lost his quad. That's the third one this week."

Then, to the lion fish, "Yo, Leo, you all right?"

Leo's reply was unintelligible.

"Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark."

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