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Two videos for constructive criticism.

Jan 12, 2015
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I spent some time up in Idaho a couple of weeks ago and had a chance to fly around a fish hatchery as well as a nice golf course resort. I would love some feedback on both videos. (Editing, shots, exposure levels, creativity, etc..)

Both videos were shot in 4k/30 using auto exposure and edited/rendered down to 1080p/30 with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Great stuff! I enjoyed both. You have great timing on the time warp shots, that first shot was great in the first vid. For most of the ones where you're cruising down the hole I would point the camera higher, you are mostly just looking at the ground which although very green isn't the most interesting. Could use a few more dynamic movements because it's clear you know how to fly. Arcs, camera tilt down/ups, combining arc with camera tilt, follows (Golf carts) etc. Very nice though!
Thanks for the feedback! This was kind of an impromptu shoot so I snagged my Brother-in-law to be the camera man on the second controller. I did a little bit of coaching once I realized that we were looking mostly at the ground, but he did a pretty good job considering he has no experience with a camera..

I do appreciate the suggestions, it's always nice to have feedback from people that know what they're doing!

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