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UAV based PPK systems

Oct 14, 2017
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There are 2 different onboard PPK products that I have found

This information between the bold italics is not accurate as originally posted, see corrected information below the next set of bold italics.

The LOKI PPK system from Vertical Aspect derived from Robota LLC, both of these companies are Texas based. Integrated onto the P4P and Inspire 2 drones.


Vertical Aspect
Exclusive Texas Dealer for Robota Eclipse fixed wing mapping platform

The above is not accurate data, please see this description below regarding the Loki PPK positioning system.

Loki is in fact a product of AirGon and an excellent White Paper on their PPK position system can be found at - AirGon - Loki, Direct Geopositioning for Drones

AirGon is a full service technology provider in that they will provide a range of products and services from a Bring Your Own Drone full suite of hardware and software to a fly the site and we will process all of the data for you in-house service. All products and applications are supported with training services available. Current drones supported are the Phantom P4 Pro and Inspire 2. In fact AirGon has several white papers which they have available for you to download so as to better understand their products and technology.

Vertical Aspect seems to be a reseller of the Loki drone based system and the Robota fixed wing system.

I am investigating if this Emlid ground transmitter will work with the Vertical Aspect Loki receiver for a base station corrections transmitter.

Emlid Reach RS — RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller

And this one...

UAV Geomatics - UAV Geomatics


Would like to hear from other members with real world mapping experience as to the applicability of these systems on their projects.
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