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Unused DJI Factory Refurbished Inspire 2 complete system for Sale

Oct 22, 2017
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Champaign Illinois and Titusville Florida
Complete With 2 Controllers + 5 Lens + 2 Cameras + Extras
I am an 80+-year-old amateur photographer who spared no expense acquiring this system to create high quality, still images from unique perspectives. I find the system to have amazing capability, but an uncomfortable level of control complexity that comes along that capability.
The bird developed a problem, so I sent it to DJI. DJI gave me an option for a like new factory refurbished unit for extra cost. I took the option so I could sell the system with confidence.
I just received the new bird and performed a test flight; it worked like expected.
  • Never used DJI Refurbished Inspire 2.
    • Just received from DJI and verified with test flight.
    • Original case has some internal division modifications scuff marks.
  • X5S gimble/camera with 5 balanced Lens
    • DJI 15 mm Original
    • Olympus 12 mm F1 .28 Wide Angle
    • Panasonic 12 to 42 mm Telephoto zoom
    • Olympus 45 mm lens Telephoto prime.
    • Panasonic 45 – 175 mm F1 .4 – 5.6 lens with special balancing kit. [Fantastic super telephoto zoom for stills, Its marginal for videos]
    • PolarPro set of 6 ND Filters for Olympus 12mm
    • Neweer set 3 ND Filters for Olympus 45 mm
  • X4S camera for backup and test shots
    • Like New
  • Controllers:
    • Standard Controller
    • Cendence Professional Controller [ Great to control lens, flight and gimble]
    • Two Patch Antennas
  • Batteries
    • 4 TB50 batteries 1.5 yr. about 50 charges.
    • Good Cell readings [see Screen Shots for Bat C1&C2 D1&D2]
    • TB 37 Battery for Cendence controller
  • Ac charger
    • DJI TB 50 charging hub
    • DJI TB 37 Charging station
    • Propellers [3 new sets]
  • Propeller guards
    • Very useful for composing still pictures at low altitudes in crowded situations
    • Provides additional insurance for the motor supports.
    • Easy to install.
    • Little impact on flight dynamics
Asking $4500 [Other listing places check availability at [email protected]]


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Jan 1, 2019
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What a great kit and a great price. As a fellow photographer, I wish I could afford it. Where can I see images that you've taken with this setup?

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