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Upset with the latest firmware auto update and performance.

Mar 30, 2015
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So , following my rant/post about the auto update, here is another.

I will start by saying: " DJI (a three letter acronym) WTF ? (another one)"

after yesterday, having the IOS app update without my permission, or rather a sneaky prompt asking to send a message, not an effing update!!!! I went to do a BIG gig today.

I arrived, test flew and did all checks before the gig, not a single glitch.......

20 or so very important people turn up to see the gig. we do a small presentation etc, then head outside to fly and BAM!!!!!! absolutely NO video from the drone to the app. Nothing, nada, zilch.

I restarted the Ipad, drone and controller about 10 times, I disconnected the camera and reconnected it. On some reboots the camera didnt even do its calibration twist.

Sometimes I could control the camera, other times not. I had telemetry on occasions, other times nothing.

I could never start the drone,

Then all of a bloody sudden, after a drone reboot it just pops up as if nothing is wrong.

I got the job done with very flaky video.......... then after about half an hour, it all goes back to normal and the video is perfect.

I will literally throw the piece of sh#t in the bin and set fire to it if this is a sign of things to come. I need to know i can at least trust it to get linked up properly .

Also during one of the flights once the customers had left, at about 100m, I lost RC and video completely........ just a beep on the RC to let me know.

The drone didnt crash, but that was a miracle, I had it about 3m from a wall and under a roof, for some reason the homing routine didnt gain any altitude....... luckily or it would have crashed, I got RC back at about 80m and just guided it away from obstacles and watched it try to auto land over grass, which was a joke as it never picked up the height, so i had to slow its decent manually.

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The homing may have worked correctly, I just checked and luckily I have the homing alt set to 20m......... very lucky indeed, the obstacles above me were at 25m

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