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Vibrations - jello effect during forward flight

Feb 4, 2015
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What could be the cause of such vibrations in the video?
The recording was captured by DJI Inspire 1 x3.

Here is my story:
1. The drone had an accident. I have personally glued a broken arm. The drone was flying like new.
2. Few months later, after one of the firmware updates drone did not start. It showed the message "ESC module error", or something like that.
3. I sent it for warranty repair to Germany via the seller.
4. Drone came back after two months. It was winter so I did not use my drone.
5. In the spring, once the warranty is over, it turned out that during the flight drone gets considerable vibration.
6. I did not want to get rid of the drone for the next two months so I took advantage of one of the local unauthorized post-warranty services in Poland. They exchanged motors, motor controllers, arm that I previously glued and some other smaller parts. It costed a lot.
7. The vibrations are still there. They are most apparent when the arms are raised up, which is in its normal flying position. Less visible are when arms are lowered - then gimbal camera is closer to the axis of vibration. The recordings were made when arms are lowered.
I used three types of propellers, the gimbal with camera are not the problem for shure - I flew with camera from other Inspire - every time results were the same.
I have heard that someone got similar shakes in Phantom after visiting DJI service center in Germany. Does anyone have similiar experience?
are your props balanced? do you have the v2 gimbal stabalizer? ide look the drone over closely maybe something is loose.
I Had this same issue on a hexacopter i custom built, the rubber gimbal absorbtion balls were extremely soft so i cut some ear plugs in half and stuffed them into the gimbal absorbtion ball to Stiffen them up. it pretty much fixed the issue except for when i was in 15 plus mph winds with gust going full speed. Ive seen aftermarket gimbal balls on the internet so maybe this might help. try some cf props the stock stuff seems like it isnt very precise .

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