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Video editing programs........ Which one?

Feb 2, 2015
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Richfield, OH
What are people using for editing their movies from the Inspire? I can't afford Davinci Resolve or even Adobe Premier Pro. I was looking at Power Director Suite 3. Could I get some general input from my friends here?
I bougth Adobe Premiere Pro. few bucks each month. not that much tbh :)
If you're running a MAC, go for Final Cut Pro from Apple store, you can install it on every mac you own, simple to use and great exporting options, plus a decent price. If you can afford it also get the add-ins Motion and Compressor, I've also used Adobe Premier also very good too.
Try the 30 trials for both FCP and Premiere and see which one fits your needs. Premiere is pretty **** easy to use but I can't speak of FCP as I have never had the opportunity to mess with it.
Final Cut Pro X

I've been using the GoPro editing software that came with my GoPro 4 for editing my Inspire videos.
I see the Final Cut Pro X is about £225 on the app store. I don't mind spending this if it's going to be a great improvement on what I'm using at the moment, but will it ?
I tried different programs the last few years. Magix Video Deluxe, Pinnacle Studio and Cyberlink Powerdirector.
But IMHO, the easiest and best way for editing videos, is Adobe Premiere Elements 13. The most well-arranged user interface I've ever seen. Also it's very fast, and has a lot of options!
No such thing as “the best.” It’s the one paintbrush you pull out of the can that you love to use and it works for what you do. Yes, it could be all of the above, or, it’s the one you get for “education/evaluation purposes” that fits your needs just fine, sometimes you’ll find that “it’s the best” until, you want other paint brushes in your can.

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