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Video playback

Jan 2, 2014
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Hi I completed first flight and done recording at 4k . I have taken video file from SD card to PC . I am having problem with video file . During play back its constantly jumping and even skipping parts of the recording any ideas ?

Have to say first flight was brilliant really solid !!
4K content doesn't just play on any PC with any app. That's a lot of pixels to decode and display. Recent iMacs and PCs can handle it as their GPUs provide the necessary hardware acceleration. I would try to play your content on a different more recent computer.

If you still see the problem, then it could be your SD card that is not fast enough, assuming you're using a different one than the one supplied.

Lastly, although unlikely, it could be fragmentation on the SD card, in which case you should copy the files to another storage and then just format the card.
Hi my PC spec is

Intel Core i7-3770k @ 3.50 GHZ
16 GB Ram
Graphics Invida GTX 680

Do you think this is high enough spec ?

I am using the SD card that came with inspire are these not suit for 4k ? The video file in question is about 10mins @ around 3.9Gig .

Got divx to play the 4k but its very poor quality the 1080 have far better quality why would that be ?
Your systems specs are plenty. The supplied card should be fine.

Try VLCPlayer and if possible, try it on a different machine also with sufficient specs. Also, if you seek within the media using some slider in the player application, the breaks should always appear in the same location if it's the data that's corrupted.

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