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Had an extra battery left over after doing a shoot, shot some random cityscape video and did a quick edit. Comments/critique welcomed!

'..Comments/critique welcomed!..'
...High Tension Lines & Interstate, Nuff Said..?
...IMHO, No One in their Right Mind would issue a (SFOC) Special Flight Op Cert. for 'These Craft' in 'That Air-Space' Period, these craft are 'Simply NOT Reliable Enough', not to mention the Fact that they are Highly Susceptible to Electromagnetic Fields, particularly around or near High-Tension Lines. This flight was just plan Stupid and its just this kind of irresponsible flying that will lead to someone getting killed and/or these craft being banned., and is just another example of why i posted this months ago...
...i think Drone Registration & Licensing should be Mandatory, i.e. LifeTime License Fee of $1000.00, Yearly Registration Fee of $200 (after 1st Year), Fines for the Glactically Stupid $1000-10,000 incl Jail/Prison Sentences, Restitution, Forfeiture of Device(s) and Possible Permanent Loss of (LifeTime) License, anything short will only lead to the eventual Banning of these devices in my opinion.. (..donning my Lunatic Fringe Hat.., which may very well be the goal of Big Brother anyhow given the Ridiculously Lenient Rules or Guidelines leaked by the FAA earlier this year..)...
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You must have a blanket SFOC? Toronto is restricted airspace. I'd be cautious showing this to the masses if didn't have a SFOC. Porter Airlines flight path is over the eastern part of the Gardiner :)

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