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We need a name! "Dragon Skull", "Bird of Prey"...? We can do better than "Inspire 1"

Oct 31, 2014
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We need an enduring name for this magnificent beast. "Inspire 1" is a somewhat lackluster corporate tag.

No offense to DJI, but pilots have a long standing tradition of unofficially naming game changing craft for what they are and what they do. Names stick in pilot circles far beyond anything outside entities force upon them.

The best example is the Hog. I've never met a fellow A-10 pilot that has referred to it as anything other than a "Warthog", even though the official USAF designation is the "Thunderbolt II". While the official designation is a magnificent tribute to the original Thunderbolt and its mission, the name never stuck amongst line pilots. Ugly, slow (<380 knots sustained, <450 knots in a dive), enduring on the battlefield (~3.5 hour loiter time) and incredibly deadly, the "Hog" name was a fit, and endures to this day.

The F-16 "Falcon" official designation is a lesser but somewhat helpful example. F-16 pilots refuse to refer to it as anything other than the "Viper", although I still don't understand its basic mission other than airshows and 1.3 hour sorties with limited munitions and a joke of a gun. (Sorry Viper dudes, I just had too...)

Point is we need an unofficial name for the Inspire 1. My favorite is "Dragon Skull", simply because one of the brilliant engineers at DJI described it as such, and if you look carefully at it, it is a fit.

It has also been described as a Klingon "Bird of Prey", which I also like.

The point of this post is to open it up to suggestion. Let's hear yours.
The more I think about it, the more I believe "Dragon Skull" to be an appropriate unofficial name. Taking into account the brilliant Chinese engineers, technicians, and managers that brought us the capability to film and photograph so easily and magnificently in this new realm, it is fitting that we tip a hat to Chinese culture, and include the "Dragon" reference.
It's hard for me to come up with a name cause I haven't received mine yet to figure out it's character, but my Fiancé calls it "Python". I think because it squeezed the life out of my fun money ! I'm gonna go with "Python" !!!!
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Me and my partner have been calling it "The Battle Droid" after the Star Wars characters and the similarity!

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