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Wedding Video

Some people have more money than sense.

In Sweden they had been fined for that driving. $115 for each tire and meter licorice tracks.
No way I would even try to drift around such expensive cars. :p

Oh well, hope the married couple had a good day at least. :)
now seeing the post from the guy being in a country at sea where drones are illegal and smuggling in two of them to fly around because one has crashed and authoraties don't really know how they look getting a second one to get the shoots out on the sea. stating from some in that thread him being rich i wonder what that is supposed to be... it was a wedding witb some people who could afford what they have and probably worked hard for it... apart from being able to buy the village they held the wedding in i'd be halpy to film for them... it's just a fun show off for that one day... give em a break... :)
that is my opinion.
CUBS (Cashed up bogans)
It's in a very downmarket area - many of those cars cost more than the houses in that street.
First wedding video I ever saw with no bride... Where was she in all this? My wedding was nothing like that.. And I suspect if it was, it would be over very quickly...

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