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What is the best SD Card for our Inspire 1?

These work very well.
Samsung Memory 32GB PRO MicroSDHC UHS-I Grade 1 Class 10

Samsung makes 64GB too if you prefer the larger one. Me, i take the 32GB for now because
whenever i have to give the material to my customer i give the card as a "gift".

Get the fastest cards you can get, really. When you do AE bracket photos in DNG with a 5 pix series
the camera has to save 5 x 25MB. The camera can cache a few pictures but it has to write it to the card.

With slow cards you have to wait for the last bit to be saved before you can switch to video.

Like Michael said, Class 10, the faster the better--80MB/s or faster, like Allan suggested.

SanDisk Extreme PRO microSDXC UHS-I card is very good, but you may find less expensive cards. I've heard good reports on the Samsung cards, too.
I picked up a Kingston 64GB card yesterday. SDXC I, 80MB write, 90MB read. Anyone use this one before?

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