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What Tablet are you using and need a sunshade for?

Apr 10, 2015
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Birmingham, AL
We are trying our best to meet your needs. Currently working on some new sunshades for different mobile devices. This week we will be releasing a sunshade for the iPhone 6+, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. These will go with our sunshades for the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Do you need one for your device. Let us know what you are using and we will see if we can make one for you.

We shipped out today:

3 - iPad Air SSPro Sunshades
2 - iPad Mini SSPro Sunshades
1 - Accessory Slot Box V2
2 - USB Battery Chargers
1 - Inspire 1 Lens Cap
6 - 12" Lightning Cables

Thank you guys for your support. We are committed to you being completely satisfied with any purchase you make from www.aerialdroneaccessories.com.

A Great Place for custom Drone Accessories.


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Using nexus 9. Have to disable most apps and kill them before flights to get clean video with no lag. I bought a generic one (crazypony 9.7 for iPad) off of Amazon and will have to modify slightly to get it snug.
SunShade Pro iPad Air
Was $129.99
Now $99.99
Plus shipping.
Plus the inner walls reflect the screen.
That's too rich!
I could almost guarantee the hoodivision is a much better product. And I could buy 3 hoodivision sunshades and have change left over.

Just because we own Inspire 1's doesn't mean you should price your products somewhere near Jupiter...

Sorry but I just can't digest that price.

I can understand that you need to cover your overheads.
Personally, I'd be selling it cheaper, and hopefully selling a lot more and somewhere down the track you'll start profiting.
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Adding to what @sirnikolas said, I understand you put a lot of time and effort into making these but I bought a sunshade for my iPad Air 2 off Amazon for 16 dollars which works wonderfully!
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Here is my crazypony 9.7 for ipad air that I am using for my Nexus 9. The only thing i had to do is cut a quarter inch or so from the bottom insert. It seems to fit great. There isn't a lot out there for nexus 9. I can't wait for my SRP 16 TO show up so I can have the ability to fly in extreme light. Happy flying20150711_173333.jpg 20150711_173333.jpg 20150711_173314.jpg 20150710_075042.jpg

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