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What They Really Don't Want You To Know

We live in a very interesting time in history... o_O
It's all a big powder keq just waiting for a spark to blow...
Just wait till someone gets killed in a drone mishap... :(

The general public at large does not understand drones and so fears them...
All these years of shows and movies where government drones were "spying on the masses"
Old tv shows like 'Dark Angel" and others where the 'Drones' were the obvious 'bad guys'

I will even predict two things... :rolleyes:
It will come up during the presidential debates...
The US supreme court will end up involved in some way...

This is just the latest buzz issue the country has to decide on... ;)
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El CapitanBadge,
Please READ the article again. I am really trying to help you, however you need more skills on comprehension.

I don't need your help. I have a 333 and have gone through the motions to work legally. By all means though, whip our your laminated copy of a Forbes article when ever John Q Law comes knocking about. o_O
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Hey man what ever works!


It doesn't really matter as the way governmental agency works there has always and will be a "loophole' in their master plan.
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