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Whats is the story with TB48 5700mAH are they discontinued ?

Jul 15, 2013
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TB48 5700mah , they get harder and harder to find , they are not even in the DJI store any more ... why ? some posts say they are problematic , other say it is just shipping issues because of capacity !

What do you guys think ? I will buy another battery soon and I was thinking of going for it.
When I was looking for a couple of TB48's in the UK they were impossible to find. I spoke to one supplier who said that the problem with them is because airlines won't allow them they have to be shipped by sea, hence the supply problems. I opted for TB47's in the end, to be honest I don't think an extra few minutes in flight would ,make that much difference to me anyway, I guess it's more about long distance FPV flights which is against CAA rules here anyway.
plenty on amazon.

I will just put this here. I flew my 3 day old inspire with a TB48 and got an battery error and then a burn out on the connection to the MB. Had to send it in. I would suppose that if DJI made a battery for the inspire, namely, the TB48, it was intended to be used without this happening. It may be an isolated incident but I'll mention it just in case someone else has it happen to them.

Having bought it to amazon, I returned it and bought another to exclude the battery as the cause from future flights. Amazon is a good way to go with a prime account.
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