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Which iPad ?

Mar 4, 2015
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Hi all,

I have been flying with my iPhone 6 but I am going to upgrade to an iPad mini. Can anyone tell me if the pilot app runs ok on the 16GB version or do I need to step up to 34/64GB?

Thanks guys. iPad Mini 2 and two spare TB47 batteries currently heading my way on the flight deck of a Boeing 747 (my mate is a pilot who grabs all my stuff cheap in the USA). Happy days.
I just started a thread on this going into a little more detail about the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus, having way brighter screens than all other ipads, which for me is huge in south florida. The thread is called "lets talk tablet brightness" in the pilot app section of the forum.
If you got both, why don't you just use both and see which one you like best? :)

And yes, it fit iPad air 2 perfectly. I use it myself and happy with it :)
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I had the Mini 3, wanted the extra memory but my 65 year old eyes like the Air 2 better. It does weigh more and over a long flight adds more weight and overtime you will notice the difference. Remember the controller and IPad take a toll overtime.

The Mini 2 and 3 are a convenient size, but the three has way more memory which I like, but you pay to play. If you want to record your session with SHOU the extra memory might come in handy with the 3.

You can tell the difference in speed! The Air 2 is a screamer! I use mine for more than just my Inspire.

For me: speed, memory, easy on my eyes, but not on the pocketbook, the Air 2 was for me!
I may get a 2 to be my second with the second controller. Cheap and 64 Gigs would be enough and my air 2 has 128.

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