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X5 Filter Basics

Oct 5, 2016
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hi everyone!

I'm new in the inspire world. I just bought an inspire 1 with an X5 Camera with the idea of doing structural inspections, mapping, search and rescue, for other industrial uses as such and why not, to get some cool fa,ily photage here and ther.

I don't know much about photography and I need help to know which filter to buy and when shoul I use them. ND filters? Polireced filter?? What's the difference and whe should I use each??

Any basic explenation on the topic will be much appreciated!!!!!!!

An ND filter is only needed for video, and only if you want to use the "ideal" shutter speed for video.

The "ideal" shutter speed for video is the inverse of twice the frame rate. So if your frame rate is 30 FPS, the shutter speed should be 1/60th of a second. In bright sunlight, this is difficult to achieve, thus the need for an ND filter.

But you absolutely do not need an ND filter; most video taken with a fast shutter speed (e.g. 1/250 or 1/500) looks OK.

That said, I use the B+W 3-stop ND filter, which does a good job of controlling the light without affecting the image quality too much.

If you are only taking photos, then the shutter speed won't matter, and you don't need an ND filter.
For anything other than "cinematic-looking" footage you would not want to use an ND filter.

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