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I sent you a reply, butI don't see it. So, yes it is
Yes I do. Which are you interested in? The 100w standard charger , or the 180w fast charger I also have listed??
Hi Clackey, i am wishing to sell my Inspire 2 and associated bits, i am wondering what i have to do to use the classified section. thank you. ED POWER, ps i am in Australia
No problem. You are all set to post in classifieds now. Thanks!
Kinda new here and haven’t cracked the code on posting yet. Just looking for some Moverio BT-300’s to buy. Thanks
Hello. I'm interested in your Inspire 1 controller. I'm going to use it on my Inspire 1, v2. Is this controller compatible with that model?


Hi I am from Australia, I have a mavic pro, I recently updated my app and am now locked out, I reinstalled it I opened a new account but still can't access the program, any help would be appreciated. A teacher once told me I may grow up to be moderately intelligent but clearly moderate isn't good enough.
Hi Donnie,
I have a question about camera error 01 on Inspire 1 v2 Zenmuse X3. Have you ever had any issue like that after firmware roll back or update?
Thanks Thouy
I also have Inspire1 batteries and Smart Charger and all batteries are documented in AirData. Are you local in NY metro area?
I'm in the Bronx.
I live in Minneapolis, what are their conditions and how much are you willing to sell them for? Also here is my number and email if you would like to message or call instead.
Mason Hendricks
[email protected]
Eddie: I may be interested in your IN2. I don't need a camera but if $$ is right...I use X7 camera and X5s. A 2nd bird might be useful, tho DJI may be coming out with an INSPIRE3 before xmas?
Jonathan Atkin [email protected]
Hello, I saw your posting about broadcasting and I have a question. My local news agency has asked me to test the feasibility of a live feed for future usage. I live in Northern CA. I have an I2 and cendence. If you have time.... what equipment do I need and process for a wired or wireless feed to a news van?
Thank you
Hello, I saw your post about your live feed issues. I live in northern CA and have been contacted by a local news agency to test out a live feed for future usage. If you have time can you tell me about the process and equipment needed? I have an I2 and Cendence controller. Thank you
Jeff - could you provide an update as to what you like and dislike about the thermal camera you purchased? Pro's and con's, short comings. I have an Inspire 2 and just completed a thermal certification class and need some insight to pursuing 3rd party thermal configurations for the I2.

Hey are you still interested buying the Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7 kit.? I sold it to a guy here but paypal was holding the money till the drone get delivered which i dont feel safe doing that so i returned his money. He said he will try to send me back the money which it may not be hold but he is not replaying properly. I dont wanna loose a serious buyer if he is not buying it. Let me know!
I am interested. Can you point me to your original ad please? Where are you located? Thanks
I live in Canada but i can ship it.

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